Love is the Cure

By Will

I go begging door to door, for divine love,

Carry me to a world beyond, these aching limbs,

My lover always alone, while surrounded by others,

Ten thousand thoughts, about why I am less,

Like an oasis in a desert, I am a foolish son,

Inferior to anything under heaven’s sky,

She share’s my pleasure, but not my pain,

This poem calls, for love to cure.


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6 responses to “Love is the Cure

  1. Fantastic to see a poem by you, Will. A poem of profound sadness. I very much relate to this pain and there is a Tai Chi saying that I recently found, which says, “The pain of being is eternal.”

  2. This poem was well worth waiting for, Will ~ like Quirina, it leaves me stirred with emotions: aloneness, smallness, worthlessness … & the loudest silent cry for ‘divine love’ … beautifully written 🙂 x

    • Hi Peter, thanks so much for the comments, I think you have some idea when I write poetry large shifts are going on. I am glad that you enjoyed this. : )

  3. Currer Bell

    A beautiful but deeply profound statement on the loneliness and isolation of life.

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