Beyond Words

A video about psychotherapy written and read by Will.

Illustration by Jack Hudson


Filed under My Experiences On The Couch

8 responses to “Beyond Words

  1. 1emeraldcity

    So very beautiful, Wil…defies words..just velvet silence.

  2. This is pure truth and beauty, Will ~ you have emptied your soul & it has leaked into mine ~ thank you so much x

  3. Hearing the pin drop like rain … amazing! It is about seeing ourselves in this multi-facetted mirror in the form of a relationship in psychotherapy and with ourselves in meditation … and seeing a human being, one that is connected to all others … under this fine umbrella of the collective conscience. I also like the visual images, Will. Who did the art work?

  4. Lost for my own words, I just want to sit in this silence your video creates. Thank you.

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