Psychotherapy ~ I’m in Therapy

“I’m in Therapy” ~ Experimental Vol 2
Video and backing vocals by Will
Backing Track ~ Josh Garrels


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5 responses to “Psychotherapy ~ I’m in Therapy

  1. Robert G. Longpré

    I like it ūüôā Thanks, Will/

  2. I am very impressed by this, Will; very. As an aside, I’d be interested to know what programme’s used to edit it together? But, whatever you use, it is still an impressive production. Cool backing track and vocals.

    • Thanks very much. I looped a Josh Garrels track and layed my vocals down in Garage Band on the Mac. I then used iMovie to edit the video. Hope that this helps : )

  3. Yes it does help thanks, Will.

    I’ve not got my head round Garage Band yet and have been trying to get my head into Final Cut Express, but think I may be better having a go with the newer version of iMovies first (I started using iMovies ’06 six years ago and loved how it worked, but the latest versions are completely different and I haven’t had the inclination to learn the new one, so I’ve done little or no editing for the past couple of years. Really need to get back into it, because I’ve got a backlog of projects a mile long to get sorted!

    Anyway, still think your vid is great quality with super images too – by the way, do you need to worry about copyright for images as well as music?

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