6 responses to “Photography

  1. These are gorgeous, thank you. I’m using winter photos in my daily reflections recently; may I use some of yours? Full credited granted, of course…


  2. fenlander

    Nice series but the one that stands out for me is the ‘confrontation’ That stag looks awesome. Love it’s 1000 yard stare.

  3. Beautiful. I particularly like the snowscene framed by the hedgerow and the heart. Lovely.

  4. Fenlander and Harry, thanks for the comments guys!

  5. OnewordTF

    This photography competition is going to be more difficult than I thought! Beautiful photographs Will. Richmond Park and the stag with doggy. I took a walk in Wyre Forest with my first doggy – Fizz, a terrier much the same as the one in the picture when I was late teens. I could hear thundering hoof prints and then a stag ran across the path in front of me followed by Fizz running after it. Shock of my life. Would you mind if I took a copy of the picture to put on my study wall?

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