Submission Guidelines

If you would like to share your experiences in therapy I would love to hear from you.

  • Highlight how therapy has helped you.
  • Provide original and personal experiences not published elsewhere.
  • Post may include all types of talking therapies and dream analysis.
  • Please keep you post under 1000 words.
  • Please email

I would never have thought it was possible by Louise ~ Escape from Fear

I was slightly nervous about asking Louise to share her thoughts and experiences in therapy. Although Louise had written very beautifully and honestly about her recovery from dissociation disorder; she had never mentioned anything about her experiences of talk therapy itself, and maybe she had good reason for that. Based in Somerset; Louise has a way of writing that is both direct and captivating. There is a sense of truthfulness in her words. How could she connect so wonderfully with readers and at the same time feel so disconnected with herself?

This emotional ‘rags to riches’ account of Louise’s journey, from the edge of a cliff, as she describes, to a sense of realisation and connectedness with her world has profound meaning. Incorporating mindfulness and acceptance, Louise’s account gives hope to others. This is why I am so pleased that she accepted my invitation and I feel honoured to discover a little more about her process. Perhaps Louise really has escaped from fear, if indeed it is possible to do so. In any case, she clearly shows through her overcoming, what is possible.

Read Here

Super Vision by Peter Wilkin

With his extensive collection of published works and experience as a psychiatric nurse and psychotherapist, I am honoured and exited to include Peter Wilkin’s ‘Super Vision’ on my blog. Peter Wilkin has now retired as a Psychotherapist and is currently working on his first Graphic novel which is set “within the inter world of Psychiatry.” Based in West Yorkshire Peter is passionately in love with words, philosophy, spirituality and the arts. This imaginary supervision session between a Psychotherapist and his Supervisor is a wonderful insightful peek into the real dynamical triad between the Supervisor, Therapist and the Client. I like to think that this triad symbolically rein-acts the Mother, Father and child nurturing base.

This Humanistic tale highlights the realities of being a Psychotherapist and clearly demonstrates the complexities of working through issues from both sides of the couch. From a layman’s point of view, we are not mean’t to fall in love with people we are trying to help. We are not mean’t to feel bored or angry in their presence, or any other array of inappropriate feelings. However, it is only human qualities and sensitivities in relational therapy that allow the truth to surface and flower in either party.

Read Supervision here

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