Beyond Words

By Will

Silence is golden in the therapy chair that I have now moved back to. Far beyond the realms of any text book spouting analysis and theory, we sit in silence, engulfed by the nothingness of being. If pins did drop you would certainly be able to hear them dropping like fine rain in this open space. How can I explain how many times lately I have felt the ordinary things so deeply and shed tears “the silent language of grief.” How can I explain the moments of mindfulness having stared at a daisy like I have never seen one before, in awe of it’s transient beauty, the back of the flower just as beautiful as the front. The little moments, the little things, are not little. They are everything.

This is not therapy, this is far more than that word. It is a soulful fire and water life, shared with another human being, cloaked in 21st century attire. It is a meeting of tragedy, realisation, joyfulness and nothingness, and just like the weather, it is everything and nothing at the same time. Whatever it is, my physical body turns up to it twice a week, and often walks out from it swaying with dizziness. My Dad, my Son and my best friend are all losses and painful gains at the same time. The paradox and tragedy of death and life so much alive under the same fine umbrella that we collectively hold.

Things are not what they appear to be: nor are they otherwise ~ Surangama Sutra

Inspired by: Karin L Burke.


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10 responses to “Beyond Words

  1. Absolutely beautiful-thank you, need not say more!

  2. This post really touches on some points I can relate to very strongly.

    Your words are like a refection forming and clarifying in the surface of a pond afther the pebble has been dropped.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 @the_linnet

  3. ouchy sweet, dead on real. Breathless. 🙂

    “silent language of grief”, where did you find that?

  4. Peter Wilkin

    Beautiful posting, Will ~ your words really do speak volumes. Such richness & wisdom that continues to unfold within me after reading it.

  5. Eloquently put and carefully revealed by and through experience! One can tell that you know where it’s at! Have no fear, your journey is shared by countless others. We are one in our quest to survive and understand! Thank you for this post and may you find the elusive peace you seek.

    • Thanks so much Jerri, it’s always good to write about these experiences as somehow thoughts can get released and let go of that way. May you too find peace in your everyday life.

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