Social Media and Family

By Will

When the series Friends hit the mainstream I remember reading a piece on how friends are beginning to replace traditional family units in the 21st century. To some degree, I think this can be healthy as the traditional family unit, more often than not, does not allow individuality; it is more of an organism. What is interesting, with Twitter especially, is how I have unconsciously recreated my old family unit once again. So nothing has changed, the instinctual drives are still performing brilliantly!

Out of my few followers, I am beginning to recognise who Dad is, who Mum could be, and all those siblings that I desire to play with. This Christmas, the season for reflection and thank you’s, I witnessed universal morality and togetherness, like one huge hug with joined arms around the world. I am not saying anything has changed out there in Twitter-land, but I am aware that my view of Twitter-Land has.

When therapists take holidays, space is created and it has to be filled.


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