To Train or Not to Train

By Will

Poetic ambiguity and anxiety about training to become a Psychotherapist.

After millions of years of silence the talking cure emerges yapping.

The young disciples in training follow the talk, degrees in hand, in pre-genital latency. Supposedly there to help the sick, masked with dagger in hand ~ who knows more than I, the ego.

The noise from the Tavistock is deafening as the talking community scratch theory around the table without a trace of anxiety; the shrink family is arguing again while the sleeping Buddhist lion opens one eye briefly ~ Africa carry their babies on their backs in swinging security, what a funny lot!

The therapists lucky chair sits where it wants to and the magic couch lays stiff ~ But I want to sit next to you!

Bookshelves stacked with titles ablaze in the magical land of theory as tumbleweeds pass and tears fill. Please sir, can I have some more? I need to repeat this pleasurable sensation, as the clock is watched and feared ~ Gaps in chat hold golden keys.

Anna and Melanie play in the sand while Winnicott observes, trust verses mistrust, are you watching Daddy?

I don’t have a pen, but where do I sign.


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3 responses to “To Train or Not to Train

  1. Peter Wilkin

    I like it! Will, I sense both your fascination & your anxieties wrapped up in your words. And I picture you roaming along country lanes, checking out the hedgerows for clues as you dally and dawdle along …

  2. Thanks Peter, I sure have mixed feelings which is why I let it come out of my head, the thoughts do not belong in there anymore. Blame, enchantment its all in there.

  3. I sense a cynicism about healing. I studied psychology in a kind of “physician heal thyself” manner. I am ambivalent about it myself. We have to be kind to ourself 🙂

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