Time is Up

By Will

The clock is seen by two and watched intensely by one; fearing those dirty words approaching, “time is up”.

I hear the little boy inside say “I want to stay with you”, but my lips are muted by adulthood.

The practised joker in me plans to fake a fall, anything to stay with the connection.

“You can’t do that” the sensible one claims, “he will think I am mad”.

The punisher steps in “Well, you are mad” and my eyes look up and catch a smile from my master.

“What happened there Will”? he says; “I don’t know” I reply, and I turn again to gaze at the clock.

It’s 1pm, and all I have left is the seconds I see winding away.

“Say it”! demands one voice, “there isn’t time” is cried in defense.

Words pour out without prompt from either side, “I want to stay with you”.


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6 responses to “Time is Up

  1. Peter Wilkin

    Wonderful example of the conflicting emotions, desires & resistance experienced as the therapy session draws to a close. Thanks for sharing Will.

  2. Jadeisalive2day

    I Really like this. I guess therapy can be a safety net for some people x

  3. wonderfully expressed Will .. as you say caught within the ‘safety net’
    for that allotted time .. were the ‘child’ can speak without fear .. but fitting in positives until the next .. lovely.. interesting read … Lib ..
    twitter @Libithina

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